75 Meter Extra Class WAS Net

Nominations Requested

We have a Nomination Committee set up
for the election of officers for 2014-2015
The committee members are:

1 – N1KL Kevin MA
2 – W2RK Chuck NJ
3 – W5ER Ed PA
4 – WX4H Mike AL
5 – WG5N Dale OK
6 – W6VY Bob CA
7 – N7UT Doug UT
8 – N8OR John MI
9 – KE9TC Kenny IN
0 – AA0ZP Frank NE

If you have someone you want to nominate
for the election, please send their call sign,
name, state, Geratol number, and the office
that you are nominating them for to one of
the members on the committee.
Nominations are made during the month of December
and the actual election is during the month of
January 2014.

73 Frosty W0FP

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