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We often wonder how the GERATOL Net continues to operate year after year.  No doubt the nets longevity is attributed to a combination of dedicated old timers and of course, our lifeblood, new hams in search of a challenge on 80 Meters. Given the state of Amateur Radio today, and how things have changed so dramatically over the years, those of us who have been around a while, often hope that some of the up and coming newest members of our hobby, have similar interests to those of us who have enjoyed the net over the last 30 years plus, and hope they will continue the tradition of the GERATOL net.

Well, the good news is, this season has produced a crop of new arrivals, some with years of ham radio experience, and others who are brand new to the hobby.  It’s been a pleasure to hear these new arrivals on our net this season, working along side some of the long time GERATOLers, and generating a whole new level of interest and enthusiasm on the net.

One of our newest members, and Basic Award Winners, now sporting GERATOL # 2668,  is AC1DR.  Along with his application for the Basic Award, Steve provided a very nice note to our Awards Manager with his application.  For those of us concerned about the stewardship of the hobby and of the GERATOL Net down the road, this note from Steve gives us a glimpse of how the hobby will remain in good hands in the future.

Some of Steve’s comments in his note are as follows:  “It has been a pleasure to work on, and complete, the GERATOL Net “Basic Award”.  As a relatively new ham, it has been an excellent way to gain operating experience in a friendly and supportive environment.  The participants on the GERATOL Net have been simply terrific.  Those of you “GERATOL Veterans” that have kept the Net alive and well all these decades deserve a lot of credit.  While I am a true neophyte, I will be very proud of my GERATOL Number.  I am looking forward to working on and completing several of the other GERATOL Net Awards and Endorsements. “

In his note, Steve also went on to say, “I especially want to thank you for your support and encouragement for the ‘new kid on the block’. Thank You ! I have been on the Net just about every night, except a few, for four and half months. So, the break at the end of April will be okay. I will look forward to next season, and perhaps becoming a regular back-up Net controller. I found being a Net controller challenging, but a hoot.”

Well Steve, we found it to be a “hoot” having new members like yourself join our GERATOL ranks this season, and we look forward to hearing you on again next season, sporting that new GERATOL # and working toward some of the other Awards and Endorsements like the Director’s Award.

As we are discovering via the “Featured Member” profiles being published on our website, we have some pretty talented and multi-faceted GERATOLers on our net.  Steve is not only a Ham Radio Operator, but he is also a Pilot, and an Instructor Pilot. He certainly brings a new dimension to the net:  Here is a shot of Steve in action:

Kevin N1KL

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  1. N0HD says:

    Well done, Steve. Enjoy the break and hope to hear you in the fall.
    NØHD G# 1973