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User Status Changes

The following operators have been assigned the ability to make “Comments” and to “Post” items on the website:

Welcome aboard, and thanks for taking the time to update your account and/or to register as new participants….

Others who have registered, but have not used their call sign as part of their user name and/or e-mail while registering, will retain “read” only privileges on the website.

WG8AR – GEORGE                      K0HB – HANS                        NF4F – MICHAEL

KJ8V – DAVE                                 N5MJ – MIKE                         KA5T – LARRY

NF0J – DAVE                                 W0WT – WARREN                N0HD – BRUCE

N7EN – CONRAD                         W4RG – RAY                           AB8S – GAIL

VA7DP – DOUG                            W0FP – FROSTY                    K0MC – MICHAEL

WD4SCZ – EMIL                          W6VY -BOB                             W0QS – RICK

K9MQ – MARK                             AA0ZP – FRANK                    W3GRG – STEPHEN

N3RC- ROGER                            W4KH – JACK                         KE9TC – KENNY

N2RB – RAY                                 N0SJ – JAMES                         KN0L – STEVEN

K2MF – BARRY                           W4WCR – RUSTY                  VE3VSA – CHARLES

N7UT – DOUG                            AB3RS – RANDY                    KA5T – LARRY

AC9GK – STEVE                         WG5N – DALE                        N0MN – RICHARD

WW8X – JOE                              NO0B -JIM                              AA7VR – MICHAEL

W0CI – JERRY                           KJ8W – SANDY                      WM0G – JACK

K3BO – BARRY                          N4RP – ROSS                          N7BD – DON

WX4H – MIKE                           W9WY – JOHN                       WV2M – FRANK

N9SC – STEVE                           WD1Z – BUD                            NW9M – MARK

W4WLF – TOM                         KA0O – DOUG                         WB5MEX – HURSHEL

K0MXL – JOHN                       NW9M – MARK                       WD4LYV – WAYNE

KJ8F – SHARON                      NS3X – MARK                          AD4BP – BOB

K9TPW – TIM                            K3BOB – BOB                          WS8X – JOE

W9EGB – ED                              VE3FMC – RICK                     K5KHZ – DAN

K0FD – DAN                              WY3W – JIM                            AE4GH – PHIL

WE0FC – FOY                            AI4IL – BOB                             AA4EX – RAY


Please feel free to contact Kevin, N1KL at if any of the information above is not accurate.

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4 Responses to “User Status Changes”

  1. n5mj says:

    Thanks for adding me, and for the work on the site. Looks nice.

  2. AE4GH says:

    I think I got logged in but I am easily confused.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Bob, welcome aboard, and yes indeed you are all logged in and duly registered. Thanks for posting a “comment” and feel free to add any NEWS/POSTS as appropriate. 73, Kevin N1KL

  4. Kevin says:

    Sorry, Phil, not Bob !! Looks like I am the one confused, ha ha
    You should be all set Phil….Kevin N1KL