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Hi all, there have been a couple of POSTS folks attempted to make on our GERATOL Website, and unfortunately, those were not made in a timely fashion. The site uses WordPress, an open source content management system. The software is SUPPOSED to alert me, or Al, of any pending POSTS and/or COMMENTS. The system often does not do that, or it does it sporadically, so we remain unaware of the pending POST.

I do periodically log into the site, and try to see if there are any outstanding POSTS and COMMENTS, (time permitting), and to update the operating system, and various PLUG-INS we use, to insure security remains a priority on our site. These recent POSTS also escaped my attention during my routine maintenance updates as well.

The best thing to do, especially if you have a time sensitive POST and/or COMMENT, is to send me, Kevin, N1KL an email, to N1KL@ARRL.NET and I will make sure the POST gets approved ASAP. The reason for the approval, is once again, security of our site, and to protect our users. We can’t risk spammers getting into the system, and sending out random, unwanted POSTS.

Myself and Al are grateful for the increased number of users we now have (nearly 300), and we really want to encourage ALL those who wish to do so, to make POSTS and/or COMMENTS as often as you like. If you need assistance on how to do this, again, fire me a note via email, and I will send you a tutorial on how to get it done.

All the best, and let’s get the GERATOL NET jumping with some new folks checking in !!!

73, Kevin N1KL

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