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NEW GNumber File from Frosty

For those who enjoy using the GNEC and especially GList tool, Frosty has updated the GNumber file, and the link is below. The file is helpful to look up numbers for stations, to see if you need that number or not. This file includes the latest recipients of G and D numbers.

The file is also available in it’s usual location, out on the website under FILES and it shows March 2022 update.

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Stop Spammers Allow Requests

It’s an unfortunate fact that there are thousands of ‘bots’ out there trying to find a way to get into web sites like this one so they can fill the forums up with spam advertisements.

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, you might get caught up in the detection measures we have to use. This is what we see:

There is one thing we rely on to tell which of those requests are legitimate. A callsign. Many of us have our call in our email address, but not everyone does. If you just put your callsign in the message you leave, we’d be able to approve it instantly.


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Files links are fixed

Some errors that were occurring with the links on the Files section have been fixed.

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Sent out as an email as well, from Webmaster, Al – AE2T

Kevin – N1KL and I have been working behind the scenes to ensure the security of the web page. Kevin noticed a lot of attempts to register bogus accounts. We have taken steps to stem that problem. It should not affect anyone who already has their account at all.

I also took some time today to install a SSL certificate on the site. You shouldn’t notice any difference, but the little lock symbol next to the address bar should now be locked. This helps keep the site secure, but also keeps your information more secure when logging in. We’re not a big, mission-critical site, and if we were hacked it would probably only be a big headache, but I had one certificate available with the host contract and I decided this was the best place to use it.

Also, I don’t get to use this to send you emails often, but I need to be familiar with how it works, so I’m using this opportunity to refresh my knowledge.

Hope everyone is having a great time on the net and working towards a lot of awards.



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