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New Directors Number

I issued Directors Number 782 today. Recipient has been notified and I am sure he will be on the Net tonight. Dave KJ8V

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Update for Bob # 1919

I received a forwarded email from Frank AA0ZP concerning Bob # 1919. Bob has changed his call and is now K7QBW and is in Oregon. He stated that he is going to try to check in soon but has not heard any activity on the Net frequency lately. He also said that he would be moving back to Indiana soon. So if you are keeping track of numbers or are an NCS and Bob would check in and something seems wrong with his info, keep this info handy and it should help you. Dave KJ8V

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50/50 Award Update

The 50/50 Award, which combines the challenge of working all 50 states with contacting 50 hams who have been licensed for 50 years or more, has been successfully completed by several net members.

The award, which maintains the tradition of the GERATOL net, by requiring to Work All States as one if its elements, provides a fun challenge for those who already received their GERATOL number, along with the extra challenge of working operators who have been licensed for 50 years or more.

Quite the challenge indeed, now in it’s second GERATOL Season.  As challenging as the award may be, especially with current band conditions, FIVE GERATOLers have successfully completed the challenge.   In addition to providing fun challenge for our regulars, the award has had some positive side effects on the net including:

  • The chance to reconnect with some of our “Old Timers” who were invited up on frequency
  • Getting introduced to some “new” Old Timers, that is, guys with 50 years of licensing who never checked in previously to GERATOL
  • Finally and perhaps most important, invitees brought to the net by those chasing the award, provided several NEW STATES for the guys working toward their basic award.

For those close to completing the award, we wish you continued success and hope the conditions continue to improve as you finalize your efforts.

For those of you who may not have checked in for a while, and who are looking for a challenge on the net, along with renewing old acquaintances and putting your state in the log for those folks working on the basic, stop by the net some evening, and also take a look at the details surrounding the award on our website.

To those who have successfully completed the award,  CONGRATS !!


WV1Y – Ken

WW8X – Joe

N9RY – Don

W0FP – Frosty

KJ8V – Dave



Regards, Kevin N1KL


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We recently posted the new season of the GERATOL Net on several websites, including QRZ under the General Announcements section of the site.Geratol Net LogoWe have had 336 views of the posting so far, and lets hope it brings a few new, and maybe old Customers to the net in the evenings ahead.

We have also had a couple of “replies” to the posting, and I in turn have responded to those replies.

Feel free to go check it out, and put a reply or two on there, to help spur further interest….you can view it on the QRZ website at:

Frosty, one of the folks who replied says he knows you from his Kansas City days,  Tom, WA4LIH….you may want to reply to his response and say hi.

Thanks, Kevin N1KL


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Ken WV1Y

Kevin, Thanks for getting in touch with Kenny’s care taker. I could not remember about Jack being his friend and I tried to call Ken 5 or 6 times to no avail. That’s when I got really concerned about him. Really appreciate your help. Nice to know that Geratolers do look out for one another. Sandy and I have sent a card to Ken. Thanks a million again Dave KJ8V

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Cards for Ken WV1Y

Dave, KJ8V alerted me to the fact our good friend Ken Magee WV1Y has not checked into the net this season.  This is very unlike Kenny, since he is one of our most dedicated net members, and checks in most evenings.

After contacting some folks I found out that Ken has a severely broken leg and is still in rehab,  52 days so far and counting.  It’s going to be a long and arduous process for him.

He could use a little cheering up to say the least, so we would like to encourage you all to take a minute and send a card, (His assistant said he’d love to get greetings via a blank QSL card).

His address is:

Ken Magee WV1Y

17 Deidra Court

Warwick, R.I., 02889

His assistant retrieves his mail daily, and will bring the cards directly to Ken.  Let’s take a minute out of our busy schedules to fire a card, either QSL with a note on it,  or even a get well card to Ken wishing him a healthy recovery.

Ken making a QSO in his shack

Thanks, Kevin N1KL


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Happy Thanksgiving

Sandy and I wish all Geratolers a Very Happy Thanksgiving.
Dave KJ8V & Sandy KJ8W

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Silent Keys

I give up. I was looking at an old incorrect list of numbers. AK4N Grady is number 838. I have canned that old list and won’t have to worry about it anymore. Thanks Barry for pointing it out. Dave KJ8V

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Silent Key Correction

Grady AK4N’s G # is 858 not 838. Sorry, fat fingered the number. Dave KJ8V

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Geratoler Silent Keys

Sorry to report that there are 5 Geratoler Silent Keys. W2NR Frank NJ #138, K8GK Dale MI #408, W0FF Jim MO #550, AK4N Grady SC #838. AA9GZ Bob WI #1768. AA9GZ was reported by Barry K2MF. RIP Guys you will be missed.

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