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Worked Canada Award Info

Worked Canada Award information. I probably have not looked at this award for at least 6 years due to a lack of interest in working it by Net members. I had forgotten about Canada combining the providences of Newfoundland and Labrador into one Providence. So, keep in mind that you only need to work one or the other for this award. This also means that you only need 10 providences plus one Territory to complete this award. If you use Frosty’s GNEC program open the folder and look for the README file and print it out. The Worked Canada Award info starts on page 5 and continues on page 6. The above is all explained in the requirements for this award on page 6. Thanks to Glenn for sending in his application for the award as it has brought to light several things about the award.

The second thing is the cost of the award. The cost of the Worked Canada Award is $5.00 plus funds to return your cards if you want them back or an SASE to get your cards back if wanted

The third thing about the award is the Certificate. Again, due to the lack of activity in this award I have no certificates for it. Glenn’s Award was the first one finished since 2002 and there were no certificates forwarded to me as Frosty made up the certificate and sent them out. This is no fault of Frosty’s. I take full responsibility for not asking about the certificates. Frosty and I are working on getting the certificate to me so I can print them out. With that being said you will have to have patience in receiving your certificate. In the mean time send your application and funds as usual and I will issue the award to you and send the certificate to you as soon as I get it and can print it. All complete and approved applications received will be numbered and put in que in the order they were received. Also keep in mind that I have NO CONTROL over the US POSTAL SERVICE and their delivery dates. Frosty and I are working on the certificate and will get it done as soon as possible.    

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Congratulations Glen WS0B

Congratulations to Glen WS0B for finishing the Worked Canada Award number 22. According to the records I received in 2012 when I took over the Awards Manager position Glen is the first to work and finish this award since 2002 when Mark K8MH finished the award and after the Geratol Net created the award after the Canadian Metro Radio Club quit allowing the US Amateurs and Geratol members to work their version of the Award. I worked the Canadian Version and was awarded certificate #143 on 4/1/1993 before the Metro Club stopped issuing it to US Hams. So, Glen has achieved something a long time coming. Again, congratulations Glen on finishing this award. Dave KJ8V

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New GLIST File on Website

Frosty (W0FP) has updated the GLIST with new G and D #’s. You can download the file off our website by going to the opening page of the website, using the tool bar at the top of the page under “FILES”.

Click on FILES and you will see a drop down menu. From there use: “Additional Aids for GERATOL Net” Click on that and you will see useful files, such as GNEC, WinEqf, GNumber and of course, the latest GLIST from Frosty. It was uploaded on 1/5/19

Regards, and enjoy…..Kevin N1KL

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Congratulations Steve AC1DR

Congratulations on completing the Net 50/50 Award. Dave KJ8V

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Two Directors #’s Issued

Dave, KJ8V the Awards Manager,  issued two new Directors numbers today. Recipients have been notified and will probably be up tonight. Dave KJ8V

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Congratulations George WG8AR

Congrats George on completing the Net Board Award. Dave KJ8V

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Happy New Year !!

To all GERATOLers, aspiring GERATOLers, SWL’s and anyone else reading this POST on the GERATOL Website, we wish you a healthy, happy and great “hamming” new year in 2019 !!!

Happy New Year
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GERATOL Apparel Reminder

Just a reminder, for those looking for a last minute Christmas gift, or to get ready to sport your own GERATOL logo apparel at the upcoming Ham Radio Flea Markets this Spring, the arrangement George put in place with the vendor remains, and the “link” may be found at any time on our web page under the “Files” section of the upper menu, or just click on the link below.

What a great way to publicize our Worked All States net at your next Ham Radio Club meeting, Ham Flea Market or any Ham Radio event. When folks approach you and ask you what the heck a GERATOL is, you can explain the net workings, and invite them up.

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Geratoler Silent Keys

Happy to report that there were NO Geratolers listed as Silent Keys in the January QST Dave KJ8V

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Hamvention® Seeks 2019 Nominees


Hamvention® is soliciting nominees for its 2019 awards — Amateur of the Year, Technical Achievement, Special Achievement, Club of the Year. Since the inception of the Hamvention awards program in 1955, many radio amateur have been honored for their dedication and selfless contributions to Amateur Radio and to society.

  • The Amateur of the Year Award recognizes a radio amateur who demonstrates a long-term commitment to the advancement of Amateur Radio, a history of contributions to ham radio, and a dedication to service and professionalism. 
  • The Technical Achievement Award honors a radio amateur who has achieved technical excellence in the world of Amateur Radio through inventions, processes, discoveries, experiments, and technical accomplishments, or through other outstanding technical achievement that has contributed to Amateur Radio. 
  • The Special Achievement Award goes to a radio amateur who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the radio art and/or science. This award typically recognizes a radio amateur who has spearheaded a single significant project. 
  • The Club of the Year will be honored for clearly demonstrating its involvement in varied aspects of Amateur Radio for the greater good of their community or the nation.
Hamvention 2019 

Nomination forms for each award are available online and should include the information requested. There are separate forms to nominate individuals and to nominate a club. The individual(s) making the nomination should provide contact information in case questions arise.

Submit nominations via email or via USPS mail to Hamvention Awards Committee, Box 964, Dayton, OH 45401-0964. 

The nomination deadline is February 15. The Awards Committee will announce the award recipient after reviewing the nominations. An honors convocation will be held on the Saturday evening of Hamvention weekend, and presentations to award winners will take place on Sunday afternoon, prior to the door prize awards.Contact the Awards Committee for more information. — Thanks to Mike Kalter, W8CI, and Frank J. Beafore, WS8B

Source: ARRL Ham Radio News 

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