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New GNEC and Glist files

I’ve updated the above files to the latest versions. You’ll find them in the Files section of the website.

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All fixed!

Thank you to the net members that let me know the web site was not working. It’s now fixed and fully updated.

WordPress has made great strides in making their blogging platform painless, but once in a while there is still a hiccup. Something got messed up (that’s a technical term) during an update of either a plugin or the main program. I simply had to do a manual update, which consisted of replacing all the files with the new version manually, then running an update script.

Next step – I will get the info on the new award added.

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New Vice Chairman

Congratulations to new Vice Chairman, Marv, WV9O, #2448. This is the only change resulting from the recent election.

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New QSL Bureau Manager

I’ve received word that we’ve had a change in the QSL Bureau. Effective immediately, the new manager is Mike Norred, WX4H, #2627.

Long-time manager (as long as I can remember!) “Big” Jon Kirkman, W4WDH, #35, is retiring due to health issues. Jon has performed this duty for many years in the background, helping make the net a success. I wish him all the best.

Submissions to the new manager should go to the new address:

Geratol QSL Bureau

MIke Norred WX4H
35 Lee Rd 839
Phenix City, AL 36870

The page in this web site has been updated with this new information as well. A big thanks to Mike for stepping up and taking over this important job.

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Quick Start Guide

We now have a simple 10-step guide to using the net that is ideal for those who are new to the Geratol Net. You can read it and print your copy here.

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New Public Relations Officer

Congratulations to our new Public Relations Officer, N1KL Kevin Lynch geratol number 1371.

We held our annual October board meeting tonight and the main topic of business was our new Public Relations Officer.

73 Frosty W0FP

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Greetings fellow GERATOLLERS !!

The 2013/2014 GERATOL season is officially under way !!! It was a great Net last night to launch the season.
Kenny, KE9TC did a superb job as our Net Controller to get the season under way………

We had over 35 check-ins on the first shift, with 22 different states represented, from New England to California !!
We had one VE mobile check in from Canada as well.
We also had a few guys working on their “basic” and who are in need of some of those key states to finish up their requirements…….

Conditions were amazingly quiet for this time of year !!

So for those who may have forgotten about the net start up, jump in this evening or some night this week and join the fun !!!

Regards, Kevin N1KL

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As the season winds down…

As the Geratol Net season runs down and summer approaches, I’d like to take a minute to say a couple things here.

It’s never a bad time to thank those who volunteer. The net has some dedicated people who have performed duties for the net. Some have stepped down. Others have stepped in to take up the slack. Whether they are officers of the net, NCS stations, Awards or QSL Managers, if you’ve enjoyed your time on the net, it’s due to their efforts. Remember to thank them, whether on the air, an email, or drop them a QSL with a note.

Dayton will soon be upon us again. I’m sure the net will be represented there as usual. If you’re going, check the Yahoo page for details and to hook up with the crew.

Thanks for you input to the web page. The domain change to went well, but I somehow never noticed a bunch of images that never got their links updated. I think they’ve been corrected now, but if you notice one that doesn’t work, please let me know – with sufficient detail to find it – and I’ll correct it.

Enjoy your spring and summer. Before we know it, it will be fall and time for the net to start again.

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For those working on the Basic

This is such good advice and is concise with so much you need to know in one place, that I am reposting it here for future reference. When I get time, I’ll reformat it and incorporate it into the appropriate section of the site. – Al AE2T

If you are working on the Basic Award please take your time when submitting your cards and check each one very carefully. Make sure the cards are from an Extra Class formatted call sign such as the 1×2, 2×1, AA2x2, the state you are submitting them for, that they are actually for the call sign you are submitting them for on the application, that the frequency is marked to four digits such as 3.668. E-QSLS must show the frequency in the comments field on the E-QSL or state that the contact was made on the Geratol Net and show the AG seal either on the card or below the card. If the AG seal is below the card you must submit the entire page so that the awards manager gets the AG seal.

On the application please include a valid email address and/or phone number (both are better) in case the awards manager has questions and/or he can notify you of your new Geratol Number. Also please indicate how you want the name on the certificate to read. If it is for a club, do you want a persons name or the club’s name on the certificate? This also holds true for any of the awards that have a certificate. Please include a check made out to Dave Ertel for the amount of the award and return postage if you want your cards back when submitting for the Basic Award. The cost of the Basic Award is $10.00.

I have found that the fastest and safest way to submit your cards for the basic award is to use the USPS small priority mail box (8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 1 3/4″). It may cost a buck more, however, it works great. All priority mail now receives a tracking number included in the cost of the Priority mail postage. The tracking number should be on your receipt from the Post Office. If you want you can email the tracking number to me and I can watch for it also.

I know from experience that completing the Basic Award is very exciting and you just can’t hardly wait to get that New Geratol number, however, please take your time when submitting you cards as it will speed up the process. I don’t like to have to tell someone that one of their cards is wrong or something else is wrong, however, if you take your time when submitting them it will save a lot of time and pain down the road.

If you have any questions about cards and/or submitting your cards please DO NOT hesitate to contact me with your questions. I would much rather answer questions before you submit rather than have to tell you that there is a problem with your application or cards. You can contact me anytime via email or by phone. If you are calling via the phone, I am up until 11:00 PM EST/EDT every evening and don’t mind the calls. If I am across the street on the radio Sandy will call me on the intercom and let me know you are on the phone. If Sandy and I are both on the air I will try to have my cell phone with me. My contact info is as follows: email address is, my home phone is: 231-864-2354 and my cell phone number is 513-850-9426.

Sandy and I really get excited when someone completes their Basic and Directors award and I just really want to make the whole process as easy for you as possible.

Good Luck and Best 73
Dave KJ8V Awards Manager

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Another Geratol Season

The Geratol Net has begun it’s 2013 season and will be operating nightly, conditions permitting. Many thanks to all the net controls who keep this going. I understand there are still quite a few slots where NCS are needed, so if you can, please volunteer to help out.

I hope to get on occasionally. Right now, the driven element from my triband beam is laying across my 80m dipole. The U-bolt that attached it to the boom must have snapped in some high winds this spring and it fell off. It’s been laying there, on my roof ever since. I was hoping it might roll off, but maybe it’s best it didn’t because it probably would break it.

Anyway, there is still plenty of good weather and I plan on getting out to do some antenna work. At the very least, I’ll get the element off the dipole and get that hoisted back up where it belongs. I should be able to get the beam fixed as well in time for the NYQP.

Hope to hear you all on the net soon!

Al, AE2T, Webmeister

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