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just a thought

I’m not sure how hard it would be to do but…

What if there was a voluntary list to subscribe to. When someone needs a state they look on the list and request the volunteer to check in to help them make a contact. It might help to get some of the hard to get states to drop in occasionally.

just a thought
John NM2R

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Propagation/Planning Tools

Posted by Jeff – WE0A

Here’s some tools/websites I’ve found useful in planning then making those last few QSOs on an award.  If you’ve got suggestions to add, please, let me know.  Add them to the list.


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My deepest appreciation and thanks…

Today I received a box in the mail that I was not expecting. After I soaked it in water in case it was a bomb, I opened it and found a pleasant surprise from the net: The Phoenix Award.

Al Gritzmacher AE2T #1800 with Phoenix AwardThank you all that had a hand in this. It means a lot to me. I have worked towards many of the net awards and endorsements, but never seemed to get around to ever applying for them. I always enjoyed the actual on-air part more and I kept procrastinating. This one was a complete surprise.

I don’t remember when it was I started the web page for the net, but it began very simply as a project while I was learning HTML. I hoped my tinkering with it could turn into something useful to the net. Several hosts later and a couple of domain name changes (Remember it’s become a central point of communication for the net.

Since handing the reins over to Kevin N1KL, we’ve got the site running smoothly and added some features to make it even better. I know it will continue to serve the net well under his guidance, and I will assist when needed.

Thank you again. I will place this in a prominent place in my shack!

73, Al AE2T #1800

(Just kidding about soaking it in water!)

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Suggestions For The Net

we0a says:
October 24, 2017 at 8:58 pm  (Edit)
I’m game. Where do you want NEW posts. I’ve got a couple of topics:
– Later meetup for some west coast station QSOs,
– ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTW) in addition to cards & eQSL

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