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New Gnumber File

Frosty has posted a new Gnumber1 file in the FILES section of the website for any and all to download.


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New Award: 20/20

The Geratol Board has approved a new award called the 20/20 Award. This flyer explains the award.

20-20 Award

Click to download PDF

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Nominations Requested

We have a Nomination Committee set up
for the election of officers for 2014-2015
The committee members are:

1 – N1KL Kevin MA
2 – W2RK Chuck NJ
3 – W5ER Ed PA
4 – WX4H Mike AL
5 – WG5N Dale OK
6 – W6VY Bob CA
7 – N7UT Doug UT
8 – N8OR John MI
9 – KE9TC Kenny IN
0 – AA0ZP Frank NE

If you have someone you want to nominate
for the election, please send their call sign,
name, state, Geratol number, and the office
that you are nominating them for to one of
the members on the committee.
Nominations are made during the month of December
and the actual election is during the month of
January 2014.

73 Frosty W0FP

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2014 Geratol Season Heats Up!

Greetings all……..As the days grow even shorter, and the nights colder, the activity is picking up on the GERATOL net !!!

Thanks to a great combination of old-timers stopping by to say hello, and a great crop of new folks working toward their basic award, the nights on 3.668 Mhz starting at 0100Z are definitely heating up !!

We even had a few of the basic folks work the elusive Alaska this past week…..

This Saturday evening 1st shift net was exceptionally busy, with Marv, WV9O earning his pay as NCS and then some, with great work lists, and lots of check-ins !!

So if you have not yet jumped on the net this season, come on up and join us some evening……Put your state on the air for the new folks working toward their basic, and say hi to old acquaintences……we’d enjoy hearing you all !!!

Regards, Kevin N1KL Net Public Relations

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Help Needed

Well guys I am putting out another request for help. Anyone that has any Award or Endorsement issued in 1972 or EARLIER please send me the ward/endorsement number and especially the date issued if you have the info. I am still working on rebuilding the Awards database. I got great response last season and I really appreciate it as it filled in a lot of blanks. Send any info you have to and I will get put in the database.
Thanks in advance.
Best 73
Dave KJ8V
Net Awards Manager

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